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Master's Degree

Minimum Credit Requirement

The Graduate School requires a minimum of 16 credits taken within UW-Madison at a 300 level or above in order to qualify for a MS degree.

Thesis-Based Master's Degree

Students enrolled in the Psychology Ph.D. program may obtain a thesis-based master's degree by:

  1. Completing the first year program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and no grade below a BC
  2. Writing the first-year project in the form of a master's thesis and passing an oral exam on the thesis, administered by three Psychology faculty members (who may be the same as the First Year Project Committee)
  3. Meeting all Graduate School requirements for the Master's degree

Coursework Master's Degree in General Psychology

Students admitted to Psychology may also wish to obtain the Master's degree if they are leaving the Ph.D. program without the Ph.D. degree or if they would find it convenient to have a degree as formal evidence of progress toward the Ph.D. The coursework master's degree requires completion of at least 30 credits of graduate study in Psychology with an average grade of B and no grade lower than BC. They must include:

  1. Six Content courses
  2. Psychology 610 or 710

Warrant Process

Students may obtain their MS at any point during their graduate school career after completion of the FYP until they have submitted their preliminary warrant and achieved dissertator status.

Once a student has become a dissertator, they are no longer eligible to recieve their MS.

  1. Students who would like to recieve their Master's degree and have completed their first year project (FYP) need to contact the Graduate Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  2. Students must provide the following information in the email sent to the Graduate Coordinator:
    1. Name
    2. 10 Digit ID Number
    3. Date of the defense (Date of FYP defense meeting)
    4. If continuing in the program for PhD (Yes, No, Undecided)
    5. Committee Member Names [Last, First, Middle, and Rank (ie, Associate Professor)]
  3. Students must have cleared any incomplete, unreported, or progress grades (with the exception of progress grades in research/thesis). Independent study must be given a grade. A warrant request will not be issued to the Graduate School until all course deficiencies have been cleared.
  4. The Graduate Coordinator will then send out a request for a warrant.
  5. Within a few weeks you will recieve the official MS warrant to be signed by your FYP committee. Obtain all the appropriate signatures and return to the graduate coordinator's mailbox.
  6. The warrant will be submitted to the Graduate School and upon approval you will recieve your Master's degree.


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