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Hill Goldsmith

Fluno Bascom Professor
Leona Tyler Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. 1978, University of Minnesota

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The focus on our laboratories in the Psychology Department and at the Waisman Center is the development of childhood psychopathology and developmental disabilities. Our research brings together elements of the traditional fields of developmental psychology, psychopathology, psychometrics, neuroscience, and genetics. Graduate students come from clinical psychology, developmental psychology and IGM programs. We study infants, young children, and their families, and many of our subjects are twins. Typical longitudinal studies include laboratory based assessment of infant emotional reactivity, study of the emotional atmosphere of the home, collection of DNA samples, and psychophysiological and endocrine measures. Among other topics, current studies address (1) the nosology of childhood disorders, including the subtyping of ADHD and of autism and the study of endophenotypes for anxiety; (2) risk factors for the development of autism spectrum disorders; including motoric and sensory issues; (3) temperament as both a facet of typical emotional development and a risk factor for disorders; and (4) genetic epidemiology of a range of childhood disorders.

Representative Publications

Essex, M.J., Kraemer, H.C., Armstron, J.M., Boyce, W.T., Goldsmith, H.H., Klein, M.H., Woodward, H., & Kupfer, D.J. (in press). Exploring risk factors for the emergence of children's mental health problems. Archives of General Psychiatry.

Goldsmith, H.H., Van Hulle, C.A., Arneson, C.L., Schreiber, J.E., & Gernsbacher, M.A. (in press). A population-based twin study of parentally reported tactice and auditory defensiveness in young children. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

Goldsmith, H.H., Lemery-Chalfant, K., Schmidt, N.L., Arneson, C.L., & Schmidt, C.K. (in press). Longitudinal analyses of affect, temperament, and childhood psychopathology. Twin Research and Human Genetics.

Gernsbacher, M.A., Dawson, M., & Goldsmith, H.H. (2005). Three reasons not to believe in an autism epidemic. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 14, 55-58.

Goldsmith, H.H., & Davidson, R.J. (2004). Disambiguating the components of emotion regulation. Child Development, 74, 361-365.
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