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Judith Harackiewicz
Ph.D. 1980, Harvard University

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I am interested in human motivation, specifically intrinsic motivation, interest, and achievement motivation. I study how different kinds of performance evaluation and feedback influence an individual's intrinsic interest in an activity. For example, I study how achievement goals, rewards, competition, and cooperation influence task enjoyment and interest, and how personality variables moderate these effects. I am also interested in motivational issues in educational psychology, and I study how goals affect the development of interest in academic subjects. My graduate students and I do experimental laboratory studies as well as longitudinal studies in college classes.



Harackiewicz, J.M., Rozek, C.R., Hulleman, C.S., & Hyde, J.S. (2012) Helping parents to motivate adolescents in mathematics and science: An experimental test of a utility-value intervention. Psychological Science, 40, DOI: 10.1177/0956797611435530

Making connections: Helping your teen with the choices ahead (11th grade). Brochure used in research project.
Making connections: Helping your teen find value in school (10th grade). Brochure used in research project.

Website used in research project:

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